This is a photo of a new tennis court installed in Wiltshire, All works carried out by Tennis Court Construction Surrey

Introduction: As the demands on tennis facilities evolve and player expectations rise, the refurbishment of older tennis courts becomes crucial for maintaining competitiveness and enhancing user experience. Whether you’re a private club, a public facility, or a school, keeping up with modern trends in tennis court refurbishment can rejuvenate your courts, attract more players, and ensure long-term satisfaction. Here’s a comprehensive look at current trends in tennis court refurbishment that can help modernise old courts and elevate your facility:


  1. Sustainable Surfacing Solutions: Sustainable practices are increasingly important in tennis court construction and refurbishment. Opting for eco-friendly surfacing materials, such as porous asphalt or recycled materials for hard courts, reduces environmental impact and enhances court performance and durability.
  2. LED Lighting Upgrades: Upgrading to LED lighting systems improves visibility, reduces energy consumption, and enhances player safety during evening matches. LED lights provide better illumination and uniformity across the court, ensuring a superior playing experience for all users.
  3. Resilient and Low-Maintenance Surfaces: Modern tennis court surfaces are designed to withstand heavy use and fluctuating weather conditions while requiring minimal maintenance. Polyurethane and acrylic surfaces offer excellent durability, UV resistance, and quick drainage capabilities, ensuring year-round playability with minimal downtime.
  4. Customisable Court Design and Colour Options: Customisation is key to creating a unique identity for your tennis facility. From colour options that complement your branding or club colours to bespoke court designs that incorporate logos or sponsor names, modern refurbishment trends allow for personalisation that enhances your courts’ aesthetic appeal and recognisability.
  5. Smart Court Technology Integration: Embracing technology can transform how tennis is played and managed at your facility. Innovations such as smart court sensors for real-time performance analysis, automated booking systems, and remote monitoring of court conditions enhance operational efficiency and offer players a more interactive and engaging experience.
  6. Multi-Use Court Flexibility: Maximising court utility through multi-use capabilities is a growing trend in tennis court refurbishment. Convertible courts that accommodate different sports, such as tennis and netball or tennis and basketball, cater to diverse community needs and optimise facility usage throughout the year.
  7. Accessibility and Inclusivity Enhancements: A modern tennis facility must ensure accessibility for players of all abilities. Installing wheelchair-accessible ramps, designated viewing areas, and inclusive seating options promotes inclusivity and expands your facility’s appeal to a wider audience.
  8. Professional Consultation and Expert Installation: Partnering with experienced tennis court construction professionals ensures that refurbishment projects are executed to the highest standards. From initial design consultation to project management and installation, professionals can offer valuable insights and ensure that your refurbishment aligns with regulatory standards and best practices.


Conclusion: Refurbishing older tennis courts is not just about updating the aesthetics; it’s about future-proofing your facility and enhancing the overall player experience. By embracing modern trends such as sustainable materials, smart technology integration, and customisable designs, you can transform your courts into modern, attractive venues that cater to the needs of today’s tennis enthusiasts.

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